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  • mIRC #Team.Hostile
  • Ventrillo
Match Report
vs H2K Netherlands
4 - 20
  • Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
  • Date & Time Played: Thursday 14 February @ 20:30
  • Match Type: EnemyDown
  • 1 Map(s): Crossfire(4-20)
  • Team Size: 5 vs 5
  • Team: Digger, Rage, Ominous, eNema, Dutch
  • Caller/Captain: Dutch
  • Most Valuable Player: Rage
  • Match Report by: Digger
  • External Link: Click Here

Got our asses handed to us but we fought like lions and got some good kills against PRO gamers so very well played boys, a lesser clan could not have won 4 rounds against professional gamers.

MVP goes to rage for going against 3 pro gamers at the same time and killing all 3 with one clip, nice move mate Smile

Report by Viperous


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