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  • mIRC #Team.Hostile
  • Ventrillo
About Team.Hostile

We are a friendly clan, based in the UK with members from across Britain and Europe. We recruit by invitation only so our members are all good players who can get on well with each other and work as a team. Most importantly we are here to enjoy ourselves and meet new people along the way.


EDCODL Div 5 3rd Place: July 2008 Image
EnemyDown:Jan 4th 2008 ED HQ Bronze ladder award.Image
EnemyDown:Jan 12th 2008 ED HQ Silver ladder award.Image
EnemyDown:Jan 13th 2008 ED HQ Gold ladder award.Image
EnemyDown: Feb 29th 2008 ED DOM Bronze Ladder award.Image
EnemyDown: March 6th 2008 ED DOM Silver ladder awardImage
EnemyDown: March 30th 2008 ED DOM Gold Ladder award Image